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Pitch deck design

Preparation for initial or subsequent financing stage

Administrative support

Financial and strategic advice

(Legal and Financial)


Negotiation between the company and the bank and/or investors

Legal and tax 

Marketing & HR



How do we do that?

Entrepreneurs usually have good financial models at their disposal at this stage. These models often focus on internal processes or venture capital. While banks will find this information interesting, they assess financial performance differently with different ratios. Burn rate, churn, monthly growth rate are important, but credit needs, payment capacity and quality of assets are at least as important. 

Diensten vervolg


For founders, investors, banks and co-financiers


Together with the founders, we draw up a banking financial model including a written explanation with specific attention to the elements that are important for a banking credit assessment. We can then introduce the entrepreneurs to a selection of banks. We had contact with the bank in the early stages to test the risk appetite for feasibility. We will have the conversations together.

We help investors prepare portfolio companies for the next financing phase. This means that together with the investors and founders, we create financial insight into the historical performance and draw up a forecast based on the sales funnel, which we test against relevant financial ratios.

Banks and co-financiers
Financiers base their choice to provide financing on clear information. They call on us to support scale-ups in compiling this financial information set. 


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